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WOMEN: AGE 16-22,175-181cm 

MEN: AGE 16-23,186-191cm 

Ready to get noticed.?  

We believe in the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the modelling industry. We are empowering our models to be proud of who they are and grow to become the best possible version of themselves. We are looking for you who want to follow your dream and become a successful international model.

You don't need  any previous experience or a portfolio of professional headshots to apply. We are looking for the world's next great supermodel, no matter where in the world that takes us.


As you complete your application, remember you are trying to make an impression on someone who has never met you. Use this platform to show us who you are and what you look like at your most natural.

 Good luck!



- Face front on, Don't pose sideways.
- Send two expressions - one neutral, one a small smile.
- Don't wear too much make-up.
- Don't wear sunglasses.
- Don't wear a cap or head gear.
- Don't send us selfies.
- Don't send any images of yourself that include other people.
- Don't send black and white pictures. 
- Your hands should be free. i.e please don't hold anything in the image.


If you do not receive a reply from us within 7 working days, regrettably this means your application has been unsuccessful.

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Headshot Smile

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Full Length

After click submit, wait about 8 sec for confirmation text before click any button.

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